[rescue] LCD Swing Arm that mounts on the rails of a rack?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Aug 24 12:21:44 CDT 2011

A lot of replies... thanks for the pointers...

Mike has a good picture of the type of think I'm looking for.  (EBay Item
I've actually seen one like this at Frys.  The problem is, that mounting
bracket isn't even close to
something that would fit on the rails without a fair deal of cutting,
etc.     So, I'm looking for something like
what Mike posted, but with a "different" mounting plate.

I figured I'd ask before I got one like the above and had to
hacksaw/cut/drill it to fit.   Not that I can't
but I've got plenty of other things to do (Iike my current debugging of a
Sun 3/110 board... slowly trying
to find the bad ram...)


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