[rescue] LCD Swing Arm that mounts on the rails of a rack?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue Aug 23 23:19:36 CDT 2011

> From: Ian Finder <ian.finder at gmail.com>
> Why not get a pull-out drawer? This is what they are designed for.
> They are pretty cheap used- probably cheaper than a new arm from a place
> like ergotron...
> - Ian
> On Aug 21, 2011 7:57 PM, "Earl Baugh" <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
>> Anybody ever found / seen a LCD swing arm mount that would attach to the
>> side of a rack? I've got a monitor (LCD) with standard VESA mounts on the
>> back, that I'd like to attach to my rack here, (since it works as a
>> for everything from a 4/110 to my latest Suns) so I can view stuff when I
>> need, but not taking up horizontal space otherwise.
>> Something that would let me swing it around, would be perfect... and I
>> figure bolting it to the rack (and since it's not a heavy monitor) would
>> fine for holding it up...
>> Earl

Because I really don't have space for the pull out drawer.  I've got places on
the rack where
I could attach (i.e. screw holes available) a swing arm that would swing out
of the way, but
to squeeze in a drawer would be tight.   I've found the drawers, but was
thinking that if I could
find a way to attach an "arm" that attached to one of the "rails" in the front
of the rack.

BTW, I'm sitting at a desk right next to the rack, and can access a keyboard
easily... but the
monitor on the desk simply doesn't work with the Suns, but the Viewsonic that
I have does
wonderfully... syncing up to everything from a 4/110 to Sparc 10 to E420R,
E220R and Sun Blade 100.
(but the button on the front that switches sources is shot... so it doesn't
work very well as an everyday
monitor, but works great behind a monitor switch for when I want to see output
from a booting sun..)

(BTW Serial ports vanishing is making it such that I just stick a video card
in the Suns for booting... easier
than trying to get these USB to Serial cables to work, esp. with upgrading
OSs, etc... though right now
I have one that is working on my Mac... at least til I upgrade to Lion...)

Sooo, long story, I'd like to attach the Viewsonic to some sort of "arm" and
attach the arm to one side of
the rack, so that I could swing the monitor so it was in "front" of the rack
when I don't need access to
the machines behind it.  I'm not putting the door back on the rack any time
soon, so don't care about
closing the front...


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