[rescue] e3500 won't power on

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Mon Aug 22 20:50:29 CDT 2011

me at dansikorski.com writes:

>I decided to play with the e3500 today, so I moved it from the garage to 
>the basement.  Since I was alone, i removed all of the boards, power 
>supplies, and drives from it, carried the chassis downstairs and 
>reassembled.  Also plugged in the A5000, powered it up and gave it a few 
>minutes to get started before booting the e3500.  Powered up the 3500, 
>did a probe-fcal-all and when the output was taking a few minutes, 
>looked at the machine.  It had powered itself off.  Reseated boards and 
>power supplies, and it still will not power up.  When I turn on the 
>switch on the Power supply, I hear some relays click inside, but it does 
>not power up when i turn the key.  Console output from just before this 
>issue pasted below.  Any Ideas?

Is it getting as far as outputting a few lines to the console each time,
or does it just click and give up now?

I have seen the power unit that you plug the power cord into die. I
had to replace that on the first E3500 I got. (Seems odd - there's
very little going on in that module.)

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