[rescue] Need to find

Michael Vergallen mvergall at skynet.be
Mon Aug 22 15:55:00 CDT 2011

On 08/22/2011 10:30 PM, Mouse wrote:
>>> So, you just need a PCI HVD SCSI Card?
>> Oh, wait.  You need HIGH voltage differential?  Nothing I've got will
>> help you then.  Mine are all LVD.
> I've got more _SBus_ HVD cards than any sane person wants.  I realize
> that SBus and PCI-X are not quite the same :), but, if SBus is of any
> use to you, let me know and I can get a couple on the snail.
DUH so do I. Funny but that does not help and from what I have found out 
by looking on the net the only solution is to use a LVD to HVD convertor 
but that is way to expensive..so I4ll just wait to but that data back on 
my system. thanks to my foresight I got most of the data I had on that 
D1000 saved to DVD when I noticed that the E4k was starting to fail... 
So I will not loose all of my stuff. Just some stuff I can recreate easy 
I didn4t back up. Like my CVS4ed stuff, I still have the latest versions 
on my workstation...hope they don4t ask for a previous version of my 
work. That4s all.


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