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Michael Vergallen mvergall at skynet.be
Mon Aug 22 15:06:47 CDT 2011

On 08/22/2011 09:43 PM, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
> Unfortunately, he needs an HVD card.  However, the Sun card in your
> E4000 (assuming that you are using the PCI I/O board, and not the SBus
> one) should be flashable for PC use.  If my memory serves, the Sun
> X6541A dual differential (HVD) pci card is identical to the LSI 22802
> card, and thus the fcode and be replaced by a PC SCSI BIOS.  I've done
> this, in the other direction, several times.
Nope I used an SBus card ... so can4t do that ....
> The good news is that those cards go for dirt, these days.
> Anysystem.com has the Sun version for $20+ship, for instance.
> Good luck!
> - Alex
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