[rescue] VGA Scan Conversion

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at mac.com
Thu Aug 18 13:43:15 CDT 2011

Recently, I've noticed that VGA support in modern LCDs is incomplete,
in that they really only support 60Hz input.  A few support 72 or
75Hz, but nothing else, in between.  This causes issues with many
older machines that use non-60Hz VGA, including PS/2s (66Hz) and some
68k Mac video (IIci onboard, early Apple nubus video @ 66.67Hz).  I'm
sure that there are others, that I haven't run in to.

I recently remembered that people used to use VGA scan converters to
down-scan output, particularly for projectors and for old LCD panels,
like those placed on an overhead.  Has anyone had experience with
either of these:

Hall SC-VGA-2B (http://www.hallresearch.com/page/Products/SC-VGA-2B)
StarTech VGA2TV2WAY2

Or, does anyone have an alternate suggestion?  This is likely to be
more of a problem as time goes on, given the dropping of support for
unusual resolutions and refresh rates.

- Alex

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