[rescue] Looking for a DEC VT-100 in Australia

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Fri Aug 12 22:02:41 CDT 2011

rpowell93 at gmail.com writes:

>Hey everyone, for the past few months I've been working on a roguelike project
>in my spare time, running it in the OS X terminal emulator. I recently came
>across a few articles [1] [2] on using a serial terminal with OS X and I'm
>really interested in getting a hold of one for use in videos and such when
>showing off the game as well as having a convenient terminal for system
>monitoring, git, irssi and whatnot. As this is going to be used in video, it
>needs to be a good looking terminal, and after looking around a bit I settled
>on the classic VT-100 from DEC. The only problem is I can't find one to
>purchase anywhere online. I've contacted my local university and made a post
>on MetaFilter asking where to get one and I was pointed here, so I'm wondering
>if anyone had an old VT-100 that they no longer had any use for.

Those are getting rare. Especially with a functional keyboard.

For practical use, a vt320 is a much better choice, but yes, as a prop,
the vt100 is really nice. 

Are there any big electronic recycling places in your area? Ask them
about old terminals.

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