[rescue] Cleaning House - items for sale/ship/pickup

Eric Railine erailine at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 16:44:54 CDT 2011

Going through my basement this week and trying to clean things up & out a
bit.  Anyone interested in any of the following?

(14) DDS4 tapes, new/sealed - SONY DGD150P.  1x 10-pack and 4x individual
tapes. - $5/e or $30 for all

(2) SONY AIT-2 tapes, new/sealed - $10 (both)

(9) IMATION SuperDisk 120MB disks, new/sealed - $5 (all/box)

(1) 3COM OfficeConnect 10/100 LAN + 56k Cardbus Modem - $5

(buttload) U.S. Robotics 56k Sportster modems - $5/e

(1) HP C4182X toner cartridge (82X), new/sealed - $70

(3) HP C4092A toner cartridge (92A), new/sealed - $10/e

(1) HP 92291A toner cartridge (91A), new/sealed - $10

(2) "Premium Compatible 92291A toner cartridges, new/sealed - $5/e

(2) Brother DR-100 drums - $5/e

(3) Brother DR-400 drums - $15/e

(2) Cisco 3548 10/100 switches - $20/e

(4) PowerMac G4s (400Mhz) in various configs/states - free - pick up only

Prices are negotiable; B/O takes it. Actual ship costs added.

Items near 12205 (Albany, NY).

If anyone's interested in any parts (I doubt anyone wants whole systems)
from the "G1-era" Compaq servers (DL320, DL360, DL380, DL580), let me know -
I've got a bunch I'll be disassembling soon & then scrapping the chassis.
Free - just pay shipping.

I also have a bunch of old laptops (mostly Pentium I, nothing newer than
Pentium II, some 386/486) if anyone's interested in play/hack gear. Free -
just pay shipping.

More items undoubtedly to follow....


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