[rescue] Wanted: Solaris ISOs, etc (for the SunHELP archive)

Steve Costaras stevecs at chaven.com
Fri Aug 5 20:23:13 CDT 2011

I have images going back to 5.6, thought I had 5.5.1 trusted but can't find those anywhere. Would like to get that as well as older Sunos discs.

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When people talk about Solaris images, I assume they are focusing on the OS

I (and at least one other) are very interested to find some of the old
(early) SPARC compilers and related tools, for example have people kept
copies of the SPARCompiler, SPARCworks and spixtools suites?

We are very interested in the non-C family compilers like Modula-2, Ada and
FORTRAN, and the early development tools which were packaged with these

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