[rescue] Wanted: Solaris ISOs, etc (for the SunHELP archive)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Aug 5 20:17:27 CDT 2011

Nigel Williams wrote:
> When people talk about Solaris images, I assume they are focusing on the OS
> only?
> I (and at least one other) are very interested to find some of the old
> (early) SPARC compilers and related tools, for example have people kept
> copies of the SPARCompiler, SPARCworks and spixtools suites?

I have some SPARCworks stuff.  Keep in mind though that SPARCworks
used licensing (FLEXlm if I recall correctly ?).

I doubt even if you had valid use keys that Oracle would even entertain
enabling a license (I have at least one copy with full licensing never 

> We are very interested in the non-C family compilers like Modula-2, Ada and
> FORTRAN, and the early development tools which were packaged with these
> compilers.
I'd have to look, I might have Fortran.

Right now my Sun media collection is not very accessible though.

I should try to get to it sometime soon and inventory it.

-- Curt

> thanks.
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