[rescue] Sun Hardware going for nowt (UK)

Colin Morey colin+sunhelp at random-chaos.org.uk
Wed Aug 3 16:25:30 CDT 2011

I'm having a clear out here and I've got a stack of Sun stuff that will
otherwise be going for disposal. None of the items have hard drives in, but as
far as I know all are working (there were when i last tried them)

2x 411 - no external bay
1x 411 - 5.25" - some kind of tape drive in it.

If memory serves these are narrow scsi internally

2x 611 - UW scsi (might work with u2w+, but I haven't tested them)
1x 622 - SUN DLT drive in it, I don't think the drive works, but I didn't
spend much time with it.


2x Sparcstation IPX, working last time i powered them on, if I find the
adapter I'll try and check the eeprom on them.
1x Sparcstation 10.
1x Sun E4000 - I had two, an 8-way and a 6-way, I think this is the 6-way,
it's stuck at the bottom of a rack.

according to an old inventory i found, it a  6-way 248Mhz Memory size: 2304Mb
and had the following IO cards in it,

========================= IO Cards =========================

        Bus   Freq
Brd  Type  MHz   Slot        Name                              Model
---  ----  ----  ----------  --------------------------------
1   SBus   25            0  QLGC,isp/sd (block)               QLGC,ISP1000
1   SBus   25            1  qec/qe (network)                  SUNW,595-3198
1   SBus   25            2  QLGC,isp/sd (block)               QLGC,ISP1000
1   SBus   25            3  SUNW,hme
1   SBus   25            3  SUNW,fas/sd (block)
1   SBus   25           13  SUNW,soc                          501-2069
3   SBus   25            0  qec/qe (network)                  SUNW,595-3198
3   SBus   25            1  HSI
3   SBus   25            2  QLGC,isp/sd (block)               QLGC,ISP1000U
3   SBus   25            3  SUNW,hme
3   SBus   25            3  SUNW,fas/sd (block)
3   SBus   25           13  SUNW,soc                          501-2069

I also have a small pile of other sbus cards, some are network, a video or two
and a random fibre card.

Collection will be from Warrington nr. Manchester, if anyone would like any
more information please let me know, otherwise it will all go to the tip.


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