[rescue] Anybody have Solaris 10 patch 6801926 ?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Wed Aug 3 14:21:55 CDT 2011

On 8/3/2011 2:58 PM, vintagecoder at aol.com wrote:
>> Hmmm.  I have to ask... have you tried a reboot and see if it imports
>> then?
> Yes I did and no it doesn't. And the symptom is a known problem, supposedly
> fixed in update 9 but I booted to single use from the update 9 disk and
> trying to do an import also caused a panic and a reboot. Not looking very
> good.

I would try a live boot with a later version of OpenSolaris or one of
the related projects.  Be sure the ZFS version number of 10U8 is
supported (from memory, ZFS version is 15 though I could be wrong.)

At least that way you can get access to your data by setting up
networking and moving the data off the drives.  Then figure out how to
proceed from there.

Are you sure you can't go into the BIOS and change something on the SATA
config that will fix the issue?  Maybe there are 2 channels set up in a
different way from the others.


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