[rescue] Anybody have Solaris 10 patch 6801926 ?

vintagecoder at aol.com vintagecoder at aol.com
Wed Aug 3 13:58:50 CDT 2011

> Hmmm.  I have to ask... have you tried a reboot and see if it imports
> then?

Yes I did and no it doesn't. And the symptom is a known problem, supposedly
fixed in update 9 but I booted to single use from the update 9 disk and
trying to do an import also caused a panic and a reboot. Not looking very

> Other thoughts/questions...
> Even if U9 won't install, it's likely you can Live Upgrade to U9 from U8
> without issue.

I don't know how to do that. Can I do it without a service contract?

And if not, is it possible (and how much work is it) to set up a net boot
from a Sparc server on the same LAN? The update 9 installer disk does boot,
but it gives me a nastygram later and says the CD is not a Solaris OS CD
which I found is also a known problem because of lack of support for my
nvidia chipset.

> What type of disk, and how many, are in this pool?

Consumer sata drives, 2 devices in the good mirror pool and 2 devices in
the bad mirror pool. when zpool import is issued, both pools show up as
ONLINE with no errors. 

> What version of ZFS were they made with? 

Whatever comes stock with update 8.

> Any chance you somehow created the pool with a version newer than what U8
> can grok?

Nope, because I never had anything else on this box.

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