[rescue] Can I upgrade v40z from A55 to A57?

Marty Scholes martyscholes at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 19:41:19 CDT 2011

I have an A55 v40z, the 4x single core model, CG stepping.  It wasn't until I
bought a pair of Opteron 855 chips that I realized that I can't drop in dual
core CPUs.  That's rather lame.

Has anyone done an upgrade of these?  The parts manuals suggest that I need to
change the CPU VRMs, the motherboard, the daughterboard, the RAM VRMs and
possibly the RAM.  Of course, I need to swap the CPUs also.

This server is overloaded and I want to upgrade.  I had my eye on a DL585 G2,
but want to make sure that it really is hopeless to upgrade this.

Can I just swap the CPUs and VRMs?  Does anyone know?


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