[rescue] Sun VME stuff needed and Sun 2 boot tapes needed.

pete leaknoil at charter.net
Fri Apr 29 16:02:17 CDT 2011

I am looking for a set of 3/1xx boards and a single Sun VME blank. The 
metal air flow insert would be cool to have but, I'd be happy to find 
just the external slot cover. I can pay for shipping, do some sort of 
trade, or maybe even pay something if its not too much. I am trying to 
restore a 3/150.

Also, a friend is looking for an original Sun 3 style shoebox with tape 
drive and I need QIC SunOS boot tapes for a 68010 Sun 2.  Even just the 
images I can write to tape would be fantastic.

thanks for any leads..

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