[rescue] Moving Sun servers?

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Fri Apr 29 08:37:31 CDT 2011

On 04/29/2011 09:28 AM, Mike Loewen wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Apr 2011, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> Back in the '80s, I remember people telling me that after a hard drive
> had been running in one orientation for a long time, it was unwise to
> turn the system so the drive was in a different orientation. Was there
> any truth to this, or was it just an urban myth? Something about the
> bearings, as I recall.

The story about orientation is an old wives' tail.

There is a grain of truth.  Some 1980s hard drives *do not auto-park*. 
On those old-timers, when the drive spins down, the head is still free 
to move.

If you want to move a system containing one of those early-80s drives, 
you need to manually park the drive before doing so, or else you may 
destroy the disk surfaces.

I don't think there are many working PERQs in the world for this reason. 
  I've always wanted one, but as far as I know, they all had drives that 
required manual parking.

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