[rescue] WTB - Sun 911 4 drive enclosure

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Thu Apr 28 23:14:12 CDT 2011

I sent this note out on 22 April and received (3) offers.

I was carrying the pager last weekend, but I was able to  reply to all
(3) individuals on 24 April, but I haven't received any follow ups.

If those of you who offered have changed your mind, no problem.

If you have had some difficulty, possibly due to a problem, or
interacting with my mail server, please reply so on the list, and we can
figure out another way to email or communicate.

Thank you,


On 04/22/11 08:48, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> Sorry I neglected to post my location.
> zip 75077 - DFW metroplex area.
> thanks again,
> Jerry
> On 04/22/11 00:02, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> I'm looking for a Sun 911 (4) drive enclosure.
>> I don't necessarily need functional drives in it, but I do need a
>> working power supply.
>> TIA,
>> Jerry

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