[rescue] Getting rid of older systems

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Thu Apr 28 18:09:15 CDT 2011

Finally working to get old systems out of my house/basement so I'm looking to
move these out soon.  Here are the specs:

1 x Sun Ultra 60 2x360MHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 36GB disk (I think)
1 x Sun Ultra 60 2x440MHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 36GB disk (I think)
1 VALinux FullOn 2x2 - 2x1GHz Pentium III, 2GB RAM, 1 x 9.1GB Atlas 10K RPM
drive, 3 x Seagate Cheetah 173404 (73.4GB per drive)

Not sure of the value of these systems since it's been quite a while but...

If you're interested let me know.  Also, if I'm slow to respond it's because
I'm going to be in South Africa from 5/1 - 5/15 and then in Paris from 5/16 -
5/19 (all business...drat!)

Ido Dubrawsky
IT and Network Architecture
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