[rescue] Free (UK): Sun lunchboxes + Toshiba Magnias

Michaël Thanry mthanry at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 08:39:41 CDT 2011


Where is Oxon? Can't find it on AA and Gmaps websites

Le 23 avr. 11 ` 12:40, Mark Gill a icrit :

> I have a few boxes available for free to a good home, but collection
> only
> please in Oxon (UK).
> The first batch is a pair of SPARCstation LX units, along with a
> SPARCclassic
> X that has been upgraded with a 170MHz TurboSPARC Cycle board.
> Amongst the
> units there are also additional ethernet, PCMCIA, and framebuffer
> SBUS cards.
> I gave all of these a really good clean up a few years ago, so
> they're in
> great cosmetic condition.  I might have the original Cycle board box
> and
> manual up in the loft if that's of any interest - it probably has
> the original
> ClassicX board in it too.
> The second batch contains two Toshiba Magnias - one SG10 and one
> SG20.  I seem
> to recall that I upgraded the CPU on at least one of these.
> None of the units have disks.
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