[rescue] any video game rescuers?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Apr 21 00:33:22 CDT 2011

> Along with my PC motherboard recycling I ended up with a bunch of boards
> from mid-80s video games, including boards that have "Taito" or "SEGA"
> printed on them - along with one that has "DigDug" etched into the
> corner of the PCB.

Pretty cool. In the arcade world they are called PCB's. The later ones 
adhere to a standard called JAMMA where the card edge connectors are 
somewhat standard. This allows them to be swapped out. Of course different 
"cabs" (cabinets) have different control panel layouts.

Also, the monitors in the cabs come in horizontal and vertical. Galaga and 
Ms Pac Man are vertical, for instance. The screen is sideways.

The earlier games were low res or standard. 15khz. Then came medium res 
which is like 25khz, then VGA which are 31khz.

The classics were low res. RGB and sync output.

Im mostly a pinball fan but happen to own a few classics, and my friends 
own a bunch of machines that I have helped fix. Got a Silent Scope with a 
pcb error, a bad RTC module and a bad monitor at our hackerspace now, 
along with a 2nd node to a crusin exotica that has a failed monitor. Hope 
to get it working and start looking into the firewire data connection that 
goes between them. The question is, can we route it on the internet.

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