[rescue] Wanted: Sun Ultra 40/45/25 parts

Ben Greisler ben at kadimac.com
Sun Apr 3 10:24:37 CDT 2011

Hi folks,

First time here and I hope I can post looking for parts.

I am trying to build out an Ultra 40 I have and am looking for:

1. The disk backplane 373-0020 (I have tried to buy online, but none of the
places that say they have it really do, or want stupid money for it where I
can ebay a whole unit instead)
2. The front optical drive bezel (mine didn't come with an optical drive, but
I added one. No slot for the disk now!)
3. Any other spare parts

I believe the 40, 45 and 25 all shared the same chassis, so I would expect
commonality amongst those parts.

I want to put this guy back to work!


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