[rescue] BlackBox / Rose KVM cables for Apple

Adam Kropelin akropel1 at rochester.rr.com
Sat Apr 2 14:15:47 CDT 2011

(Can you tell I'm cleaning out my computer room this weekend?)

I have a number of BlackBox (aka Rose Electronics) KVM cables. They
are a proprietary pinout DB25 at one end and the usual K/V/M
connectors of various flavors at the other. I don't have the KVM these
go with any more. Years ago I reverse engineered the pinouts and
documented them here: <http://kroptech.com/kvm/blackbox.html>

EHN203 (20' Apple ADB console cable)
EHN215 (Apple ADB + DB15 video)
EHN550 (Apple ADB + HD DB15 video)

There are multiples and various lengths of the last two. Ten or so
cables in all.

Pay for shipping and they're yours...


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