[rescue] SPARC hardware up for offer - STATUS

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Sep 30 11:06:49 CDT 2010


> So, officially up for grabs:
> #1 - Sun U30, 250MHz USII, 2GB RAM

Multiply claimed.  Andrew Hay is local-pickup, and as local pickup gets
first call on the U30 and both 711s; if Andrew changes his mind, Barry
Keeney has first call for ship on the U30, and Matias in CT gets first
dibs on the 711s.

> #2 - Sun U5, 333MHz USIIi, 512MB RAM


> #3 - Sun U5, 333MHz USIIi, 512MB RAM


> #4 - Sun U2, 2x 400MHz USII, 512MB RAM

Tentatively claimed by Caleb down in Savannah, TN.  If no-one takes the
complete machine, Andrew Hay has called dibs on the CPUs and CD drive.

> One Sun-branded Nokia 17" 13W3 monitor, working fine


> One Sun 21" FD Monitor aka GDM-5410, has a black-level problem but still
> usable.  Black-level adjustment cable included if I can find it.

Not formally claimed.  Can't find the cable so far, unfortunately.

I also just found another 501-5690 vertical-UPA Creator 3D series 3.  I
do not know it with complete certainty to be in working order, but I
believe so.

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