[rescue] Stuff Available (Long)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Sep 28 22:50:03 CDT 2010


I'm interested in items below, see inline comments (I've deleted items
I'm not interested in)...

Maxwell, John wrote:
> DEC VT100 terminal with keyboard and Retro Graphics board (qty. 2) Manuals for
> both terminal and graphics card are available (qty. 1) Will need to make a
> copy if two different people get these.
> DEC VT240 terminal with VR241 display and LK201 keyboard. (qty. 2)
> DEC Pro350 PC with VR201 display and LK201 keyboard (qty. 2) both have 20Mb
> hard drives. I have a copy of Venix for these I got on-line. I have cables for
> a VR241 display for these, but not enough displays for both the VT240's and
> Pro350's - first come, first served. Mix and match if you want both sets of
> units.
> DEC DECMate II system. LK201 keyboard (qty. 2) I'm running out of VR201
> displays at this point!
I'm very interested in this !  Is this a floppy only system ?
> Corvus hard drive network pieces. Mostly 20Mb hard drives.

do you have a pic of these (or can point to a URL with one)... wondering
if these are the same units they had for the Apple II ?
> Corvus disk controller for DEC Rainbow100.
> AT&T 3B/Win Ethernet controller for PC7300 and 3b1 (qty. 8) New old stock,
> still in original box.
interested in one of these
> AT&T PC7300/3b1 Mouse (qty. 12) New old stock, in Styrofoam but no boxes.
While I don't think I'm short on these, I'd love a new one.
> AT&T PC7300/3b1 Software Development Kit, unopened (qty. 4) Gives C compiler
> and a few other goodies to users of UnixPC's
I'm interested in the above items (even those w/o comments/questions).

What are you looking to get for each of these ?

What kinds of trades would you be looking for ?

Which if these items would you ship, and what items have to be picked up ?


-- Curt

> Thanks and take care,
>    -John
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