[rescue] SPARC hardware up for offer

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Tue Sep 28 16:50:21 CDT 2010

I recently went to use my U30 one last time to archive some backup
volumes from babylon4, over gigE to ZFS while I reconfigure babylon4's
array, and found that ... it really didn't work for the job because it
was CPU-bound on the copy.  I guess this is my cue that it's time to
retire my older hardware that's mostly just been collecting dust.

So, officially up for grabs:

#1 - Sun U30, 250MHz USII, 2GB RAM
    1x 18GB internal disk, identifies only as SUN18G
    1x 50GB internal disk, Seagate ST150176LC
    12x 36GB disk, IBM DXHS36D, in two 711 cases
    Symbios dual-channel 53C875 PCI-X SCSI controller for the 711s
    Creator3D Series 3 (FFB, 501-4788)
    Elite3D (AFB, M3 iirc)
    One PCI64 eepro1000
    One spare DXHS36D 36GB disk
    Works fine, currently installed with Solaris 10, sys-unconfig'd

#2 - Sun U5, 333MHz USIIi, 512MB RAM
    8G or so internal disk
    Four 10/100 interfaces total
    Working fine, currently installed with OpenBSD

#3 - Sun U5, 333MHz USIIi, 512MB RAM
    No working internal disk, apparently; otherwise vanilla stock

#4 - Sun U2, 2x 400MHz USII, 512MB RAM
    1x 9G internal disk, Fujitsu MAB3091SC
    Creator2D Series 1 (FFB, 501-4127)
    Philips CD drive is a 4x CD burner, iirc, but I couldn't swear to it
    Doesn't power up, probably bad power supply

One Sun-branded Nokia 17" 13W3 monitor, working fine

One Sun 21" FD Monitor aka GDM-5410, has a black-level problem but still
usable.  Black-level adjustment cable included if I can find it.

Large pile of Type 6 keyboards and several Crossbow mice

Local pickup preferred.  I CAN ship, except the monitors, but can't make
any guarantees about time to find shipping materials.

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