[rescue] Soliars, libc_psr.so.1, where does it come from?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Sep 28 12:00:38 CDT 2010

> I answered Ethan O'Toole's question yesterday, who asked the original
> question.
> libc_psr.so.1 installs as part of the SUNWcar package.
> Jerry

Ah thanks. I saw that post but never read it down far enough. I have a Sun 
Sparcstation 5 that is the boot host for a Cray J90 series system. I'm 
trying to restore it to operation. It had no hard drive when I got it, but 
I have the install media for the UNICOS side, but not the Solaris side.

I started with a Solaris 5.7 CD set I had laying around. The Cray 
installer tools are... how do I say it. Pretty rough. It installs a copy 
of bootpd, but that seems to be crashing. A truss of it shows that it 
can't open that libc_psr.so.1 (which I later found is a performance built 
version of libc) but I'm not sure if that's the reason that bootpd 
segfaults or not.

On top of that, other pieces of hte installer refuse to run saying that I 
have an insecure X server, that it's set to xhost + (anyone can connect to 
xserver) but this simply isn't the case. The installer is tcl, but it's 
compiled so I can't take out the check.

I'm relying on the experience of some German folks (and their install 
logs) at www.cray-cyber.org

For all I know bootpd is working correctly, but the thing is failing to 
retrieve the binaries to boot vxworks on nfs, so it's looping and this is 
where inetd is halting bootpd claiming it's looping too fast.

When I look in the directories that the installer created on the Sun 
workstation, there isn't much there. So I don't think the binaries that 
the VME Suns are supposed to boot are there. But for all I know, the stuff 
is somehow in ROM on the VME boards.

It's quite a challenge. Most of the install scripts from the UNICOS CD 
that run on the Sun workstation (Cray calls it a sws) don't seem to work 
right. Errors, things broken. I have no idea if I'm on the proper version 
of Solaris, and I'd imagine Cray supplied a CD with the req's for their 
stuff along with Solaris. I don't have that. I got the needed bits from 

I know people that worked for Cray but none of them had any experience 
with this stuff.

It's fun though :-) In a frustrating way.

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