[rescue] Stuff Available (Long)

Maxwell, John maxwell at buffalo.edu
Tue Sep 28 10:15:33 CDT 2010

Hello All,
   The time has come to "thin the herd" as I don't have room for this stuff
anymore. I was wondering if anybody on this list would be interested. If this
is not the place for a posting such as this, I apologize.

The items in the list are functional unless otherwise specified:

DEC VT100 terminal with keyboard and Retro Graphics board (qty. 2) Manuals for
both terminal and graphics card are available (qty. 1) Will need to make a
copy if two different people get these.

DEC VT220 terminal with LK201 keyboard (qty. 4) I may have a manual or two.
Spare power supply and logic boards are available, too.

DEC VT320 terminal with LK201 keyboard (qty. 3) I'm pretty sure I have manuals
for these. Spare logic boards (with good flybacks!!) and power supplies are
available, too.

DEC VT420 terminal with LK201 keyboard (qty. 1) I should have a spare logic
board for this, too.

DEC VT240 terminal with VR241 display and LK201 keyboard. (qty. 2)

DEC VT240 terminal with VR201 display and LK201 keyboard. (qty. 2)

DEC Pro350 PC with VR201 display and LK201 keyboard (qty. 2) both have 20Mb
hard drives. I have a copy of Venix for these I got on-line. I have cables for
a VR241 display for these, but not enough displays for both the VT240's and
Pro350's - first come, first served. Mix and match if you want both sets of

DEC Rainbow (PC100) system. 2 dual-floppy drives, VR201 and LK201 keyboard.
This is a PC100-B board in a floor-standing PC100-A case. Sorry, I don't have
the Winchester controller for this. Never found one for it, but I didn't look
too hard - your mileage may vary!

DEC DECMate II system. LK201 keyboard (qty. 2) I'm running out of VR201
displays at this point!

DEC LA34 printing terminal. Two in shippable, original boxes; one unboxed.
Should have manuals.

DEC TC25 1/4" (DC300 or DC600 tapes, I can't recall which it used) tape drive.
(qty. 2) and tapes are available.

DEC TS11 in cabinet. With Unibus tape controller board. Runs diagnostics, but
the tape brakes are very dry and noisy. Needs a little TLC, but the diags
passed on a scratch tape.

Free-standing 9-inch reel tape rack. Holds 210 tapes (6 rows of 35).

Tektronix 4105 color graphics terminal with keyboard.

Tektronix 4107 color graphics terminal with keyboard and mouse.

Televideo 800A terminal with keyboard.

Corvus hard drive network pieces. Mostly 20Mb hard drives.

Corvus disk controller for DEC Rainbow100.

AT&T 7300 UnixPC with keyboard, mouse and 3B/Win Ethernet controller (qty. 2)

AT&T 3B/Win Ethernet controller for PC7300 and 3b1 (qty. 8) New old stock,
still in original box.

AT&T PC7300/3b1 Mouse (qty. 12) New old stock, in Styrofoam but no boxes.

AT&T PC7300/3b1 Software Development Kit, unopened (qty. 4) Gives C compiler
and a few other goodies to users of UnixPC's

Heath H19 terminal (DEC VT52-compatible) (qty. 2)

Heath H89 CP/M PC with floppy drive. Green phosphor (qty. 2) Boots, but I
didn't have time to download and make CP/M boot disks for them.

Heath H77 dual disk drive (qty. 2)

Heath H?? 8-inch dual-floppy drive


Whew! That's it for now. I will probably decide to offer more stuff in the
next month or so. Please feel free to make inquiries and if you want photos I
can take them and send them to you. Open to offers. Stuff is located in an
Eastern Suburb of Buffalo, NY. Can ship some of the stuff, but the larger
pieces would require pick-up or other arrangements.

Thanks and take care,

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