[rescue] anyone looking for 4 AMD Sledgehammers (850s) ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Sep 27 23:11:20 CDT 2010

Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 10:17:01AM -0400, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> I won't be doing anything with these.... so feel free to make an
>> offer if you have a use,
>> otherwise, they'll probably sit around and go into a 'gold scrap' or
>> 'dumpster fodder'
>> pile someday.
> If anybody happens to have a pair of Opteron 290s gathering dust, please
> let me know.  I've got my "monster tower of power" built out of
> spare/scrap/clearance parts; it's currently got a pair of 280s, a GeForce
> 9500, and 16G of RAM - the nicest Linux box I've ever had.. 8-)
> However, Opteron290 prices on eBay are still silly considering that I 
> recently bought a Gigabyte motherboard, an AMD Phenom II X2 555BE, and 4G
> of RAM for ~$200 - then unlocked the two extra cores on the chip with some
> BIOS settings....  (this set of parts was destined for my Wintendo gaming
> machine).
> Bill
I'll second the looking for some 290s....  or even 285s....

Anyone sitting on a small pile of them that want to share with Bill and 
I ? :-)

I'll trade you 4 Opteron 850 CPUs for 2 285s or 290s :-)

I now have 'rescued' 4 opteron systems from the metals recycling... a tower
and 3 rack mount  boxes.  3 of the systems run Italy core Opterons, and the
last (a 1U box) runs 2218 if I remember the #s right (with DDR2-667 memory).
I'm absolutely amazed the stuff companies will toss.

Now if only I could find a company dumping Altos, Apollos, NeXTs, old 
SGIs and
old Suns, etc....  (must dust off that time machine :-) ).

-- Curt

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