[rescue] Identify this Sunish Serial Cable Splitter...

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Thu Sep 23 21:33:00 CDT 2010

mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG writes:

>> I have VME boards with Sparcstations on board.  They feature this DB
>> connector with 3 rows of pins.  Top row is 9 pins.  Next is 9 pins.
>> Next is 8 pins.  So it's 26 total.  Seems to be a DB-26-HD or
>> DB-HD-26.

>Sure it's a DB?  That sounds like something I'd expect to see in a DA
>shell.  (If you want about 26 pins in a DB shell, I'd be inclined to
>use ordinary DB25.  Spacing them out as widely in one direction and as
>close in the other as a DB such as you describe seems odd to me.  If
>you really need that 26th pin and don't mind custom connectors, I'd do
>two parallel rows of 13 in a DB shell.)

>In any case, if you have any way to get a close-up picture of it, I'd
>be very curious.

This is the a/b serial port on the Themis SPARC board I have. I believe
it's the same.


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