[rescue] Identify this Sunish Serial Cable Splitter...

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Thu Sep 23 18:48:38 CDT 2010

ethan at 757tech.net writes:

>  I have VME boards with Sparcstations on board. They feature this DB 
>connector with 3 rows of pins. Top row is 9 pins. Next is 9 pins. Next is 
>8 pins. So it's 26 total. Seems to be a DB-26-HD or DB-HD-26.

>Above the connector it is labelled Serial A/B.

>So it's a splitter cable, like some of the other Suns had, but with a 
>different connector.

>Does anyone have one of these cables laying around?

The SPARC board is by Themis, and they used that connector on other
SPARC VME boards, so hunting for the Themis cable should be a lot
easier than hunting for one specifically out of a Cray. 

I'm looking at a Themis "SPARC 2SE" right now, and it has the same
serial a/b port. (I don't have the cable for it.)

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