[rescue] Getting rid of my V210 and V240...

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Wed Sep 15 07:29:40 CDT 2010

OK, I'd really like to sell these, what should I be asking? $200? You guys
drive a tough bargain. :)

On Sep 5, 2010, at 9:15 AM, Zacho;?o;? Lowryo;?o;? wrote:

> I'll lower the price to $300 each, or whatever someone thinks they're worth.
> I've also got a Catalyst 5500 with a Supervisor III, 2x power supplies, 2x
3-port GigE boards, 1x FDDI board, 1x 24-port Etherchannel board, and a spare
Etherchannel board with two bad ports. I'd trade this sucker for any model
3550, but I probably would need the buyer to pay the shipping because it's
> On Aug 14, 2010, at 12:08 PM, Zacho;?o;? Lowryo;?o;? wrote:
>> I've got a V210 and a V240 that I'd like to get rid of. The V210 has two
1.3GHz CPUs and 2G of RAM, and the V240 has two 1.5GHz CPUs and 1G of RAM.
Both have dual 73G SCSI drives. I also have a SunPCI IIpro with 1G of RAM that
I can throw in with the V240. I have a spare CPU of some sort for these as
well, I believe it's a 1.0GHz.
>> Asking $400 each or best offer. $75 for the SunPCI.
>> Each of these systems also has a StorEdge S1 and cables for it if you're
interested. I'll include them for $50 ea. I was using it as a Sun Cluster
testbed and the S1s were the shared storage.

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