[rescue] Free: Ultra Enterprise 2 + CPUs + quad ether + video + pile of RAM

Bart Grantham bart-sunrescue at bartgrantham.com
Mon Sep 13 15:45:49 CDT 2010

It might be too old for anyone to be interested, but what the heck...
I have an Ultra Enterprise 2
that's collecting dust (and taking up room) in a storage space here in
NYC.  Looking for a good home, preferably local and can pick-up, but
could ship if the new owner wants to pick up the tab for shipping.  I
haven't tested in over 2 years, but IIRC it worked fine then.  The
storage space where it is doesn't have power or a monitor so it'll
have to be as-is.  Here's what I know about it:
- Sun Ultra Enterprise 2
- Quad ether card
- Video card
- 2 CPUs
- 2 SCSI hard drives
- RAM installed in 10 slots

I have pics here, if it helps anyone figure out what the parts are
exactly: http://www.bartgrantham.com/ue2/

My wife and I are making a big trip to electronics recycling this
coming weekend, so if I don't hear of any takers before then it will
be gone forever.  If it helps I can hold onto it for a few weeks, but
I definitely want to find a permanent destination for it.


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