[rescue] Solaris 9/10 is out

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Sun Sep 12 23:14:47 CDT 2010

Ha, I can only dream.....

I can't tell you the number of businesses I have worked in running 
Solaris with bare bones, minimal installs.  All in the name of security. 
  And this is in addition to the multiple DMZ's, cascading firewalls, 
load balancers and proxies they are also behind.

I don't wish to discuss the merits of the minimal installations here, 
and what those do, or don't do.

I will share that I have spent countless hours hunting down libraries 
and other files "after the fact" once said systems have been in 
place/production for a while, then some application support or DBA 
person needs some file, library, language set, etc. to get their new or 
upgraded application going again.

In my experience, the place I have seen "everything including the 
kitchen sink" loaded has been in the linux arena.  I qualify this to 
only my own personal linux observations, which are limited.  I have no 
doubt that someone on the list who makes their living working with linux 
can counter my comments within this paragraph and make similar comments 
to my first (3) paragraphs.

I believe that I would agree with you on the current status of *BSD.  I 
am not currently doing as much with *BSD as I used to.  But co workers 
who are heavily into *BSD state similar comments.  *Many* years ago, I 
worked for an ISP that ran everything on BSDI, and IMHO, BSDI was an 
"everything but the kitchen sink" distribution.


> On Sat, 11 Sep 2010 15:09, hike wrote:
>> SVR4 has a "load everything" philosopy.
 >> BSD, on the other hand, has a "load what you need" philosophy--no extra

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