[rescue] Solaris 9/10 is out

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Sat Sep 11 13:59:09 CDT 2010

On 09/11/10 13:04, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
> If the default install is broken, the OS is broken.  Why not, by default,
> load the compressed package archives on to the system and let the end user
> turn on/off features after the fact?  Fighting dependencies in suninstall
> is something I've lost patience for -years- ago.

I'll entirely agree with the complaints about the Sun installer.  What 
I'd like to see is an installer that lets me pick from a list of tasks I 
want the system to perform, and then automatically resolves the package 
dependency list for those toplevel tasks.  For instance, if I pick "Java 
Application Server (Tomcat)", then I automatically get Tomcat, Apache 
and all their dependencies.

I'd also like to see a couple of options added to pkgrm - a recursive 
option to automatically also remove all packages dependent upon a 
package, and a 'pretend' option. Using the two together should produce a 
report something like "Removing this package (SUNWfoor) would also 
remove the following packages:  SUNWfoou SUNWfoos SUNWbarr SUNWbaru 
SUNWbars SUNWbaz..."

I've also thought for a long time that when supplied a list of packages 
to remove, pkgrm should auto-sort them and remove them in correct 
dependency order instead of bitching about dependencies between them. 
"Hey, this package is dependent upon ... Oh, wait, you told me to remove 
that one too.  Never mind."

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