[rescue] fwd: [Suns-at-Home] Anyone think there is a use for SS20?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Sep 8 20:02:38 CDT 2010

anyone in [or near] the maritimes?

" Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 18:19:34 -0300
" From: D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com>
" To: suns-at-home <suns-at-home at net-kitchen.com>
" Howdy.
" I posted on local kijiji and also my LUG about two sparcstation 20's
" I'll practically give away for $20 (for the time I put into testing they are
" stable via Solaris 9 installation), complete with 18G hard drive space
" and about 300MB RAM in each system.
" So far no one is interested.  Should I give up and take them in for
" recycling?
" I'm located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
" For awhile I used old Sparc boxes for low intensity duties but then
" switched to an Atom based box for low power use.
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