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Sat Sep 4 12:31:53 CDT 2010

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> >
> >> > I base that price on single core Dell Optiplex GX270s selling for about
> $12
> > 9
> >> > on the used market.
> >> >
> >>
> >> Jesus, really? My group is about to pitch about 30 of them because
> >> we're fscking sick of them developing bad caps... We assumed they're
> >> completely worthless.
> >
> > I work with a non-profit that recycles/refurbishes computers for
> > non-profits and low income folks.  They were refurbing GX270s
> > initially until they found that they all failed within a short time of
> > being refurbed.  Now they're all on the recycle path.
> If any 270 lasted this long, it more than likely doesn't have the bad
> caps. [...]

Just because it was turned into the NPO for recycling/refurbing
doesn't mean it "lasted this long".  It just means it took this long
for them to receive it.  I didn't do the triage/refurb myself, but it
was consistent enough that they just said "screw it, we're wasting too
much time on these machines; junk them all".
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