[rescue] Two dollar Tuesday!

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Sep 3 16:22:06 CDT 2010

In article <AANLkTikWFCE9HPKF2aj+d_feWhZ5++hyRd-CBzNAADzg at mail.gmail.com>,
    Skeezics Boondoggle <skeezicsb at gmail.com>  writes:

> While everyone else in my H.S. had to sign up for a few minutes on the
> lone LA-120 at school, I spent many, many hours dialed in from home to
> the '11 in Kalamazoo, writing goofy display hacks in BASIC-PLUS and
> hacking RSTS/E... Good times.

Ah... terminal hacks with BASIC-PLUS and RSTS/E.  Yes, I suffered from
the same afflication in middle school and high school :-) between
"The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline" -- DirectX 9 draft available for download

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