[rescue] Those to whom I owe hardware

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Sat Oct 30 14:40:40 CDT 2010

...Sorry to keep you waiting, we've been swamped between medical issues
and getting back on our financial feet now that I have a job again.  But
I think we're mostly through the cash-crunch phase.  To further
complicate matters, my last working printer had an aneurysm or something
last weekend that (at the very least) appears to have totally killed its
JetDirect, so I can't print airbills.  (I need to check if its parallel
interface is still working, if I can find a parallel cable.)

John, your U5 is packed up and ready to go out, I just have to get it to
the FedEx depot to ship it (see "can't print airbills").  I will do my
best to get it shipped Monday morning.

Caleb, I don't have your U2 packed up yet, but I have the box and
packing for it.  I'll try to get it packed up this weekend ready to go
out Monday.  Yours is going to need to ship via the FedEx depot too.

Herr Maus, I have a box of assorted disks to send to you, but I need a
shipping address from you (I think you sent it to me once, but if so I
seem to have lost it).

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