[rescue] Easiest way to run an old Sparc binary on another unix?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Oct 29 14:44:42 CDT 2010

>> OpenBSD pre v4.8 will have support for running solaris binaries, not
>> sure how well it works though as they took it out & shot it in 4.8
> AH HAH! Thanks! I thought one of the OSes did, and had looked at
> NetBSD already but it's abilities are running parallel architecture
> NetBSD binaries on other platform (68K mac on 68K sun, both running
> netbsd type of deal.)

Yes, but NetBSD is also reasonably good at running other-OS binaries,
provided the real CPU is capable of executing the instruction set the
binary uses.

Based on other messages in the thread, it sounds as though you want to
run Solaris SPARC binaries on x86 hardware or some such.  For that,
you'll need a whole machine emulator, or at least the userland portion
of one, whether it comes bundled with the OS or separately.  (Given
what little I know of OpenBSD, I'd be a bit surprised if they bundled
such a thing, but I have little enough to do with them that I don't
actually know.)

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