[rescue] Easiest way to run an old Sparc binary on another unix?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Oct 29 13:59:50 CDT 2010

> OpenBSD pre v4.8 will have support for running solaris binaries, not
> sure how well it works though as they took it out & shot it in 4.8

Installed OpenBSD 4.7, enabled the kernel emulation for SVR4, BSD/OS and 
dynamic OpenBSD a.out bins.

When I run the Sun binary it just returns a not found error, and no 
closing quote error. Almost like it's trying to run it as a shell script 
or something.

file <file> returns:
<file>: sparc demand paged dynamically linked executable not stripped

ldd <file>
ldd: <file>: not an ELF executable

Perhaps you have to be on OpenBSD/sparc.

Next step will be to try qemu w/ Solaris 2.6. If I can just get it running 
in single user mode, that's fine. I can have the web server forward 
requests to that, then capture responses for return to page visitor.

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