[rescue] IRIX & HP-UX

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 13:30:12 CDT 2010

Hey - still have a couple of media sets.

IRIX 6.2
HP-UX 11.11

Both sets yours for $30 shipped. Not $30 each, but $30 for BOTH SETS.
Imagine the joy of pairing your sad Indy and HP9000 workstations who
have no operating environments with these 2 install sets. You could
put those heavy-duty boxes to work, but for the cost of $30. Or you
could buy them and send them to Dave McGuire to inspect on his
electron microscope. Whatever! I'm not picky. Just buy them already!

You could also drive to Atlanta, where I will GIVE YOU FOR FREE a full
42U rack, some Sun 411 cases + 411 CD-ROM, an Apple CD300i SCSI drive,
and a Beige PowerMac G3. Free! For the cost of a trip to HOTLANTA. No
take backs!


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