[rescue] ohno.mrbill.net / sunhelp might be going away

Bill Green bill at supposedly.org
Thu Oct 28 13:12:25 CDT 2010

On 10/27/2010 11:37 AM, Scott Newell wrote:

> Any idea how much transfer you normally use in a month? Disk space
> required? I'm just wondering (ever the cheapskate here) if a VPS (such
> as prgmr.com: 320 GiB transfer, 48 GiB disk for $36/month) might work.

I have a VPS with prgmr that runs my email server (and other things), 
and one of their lower-tier plans should be able to handle the mailing 
lists at least, if it came to that.  Great service.  They do skimp a bit 
on disk space, though.


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