[rescue] U5 coming, looking for some advice

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Oct 25 09:56:45 CDT 2010

" From: Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc>
" I certainly agree with you statement about getting free patches from Oracle.
" But if you want to upgrade your java version, I would point you to
" http://www.java.com/
" and download what every you want.

a good start, but current jdk5 update is 26 according to last friday's
patchdiag.xref and the latest ver there is 22, the latest that's by
their statement publically available.  i already have 23, the last
they let out the door before slamming it shut.  i'm constrained to 5
b/c studio 11 doesn't recognize 6.

btw they're still releasing updates to 1.4.2 - to paying customers.

i'm running s8, so studio 12 - which i can only guess supports jdk6 -
is out.  it's fully patched as of the week oracle pulled the plug on
patch access.  i'd consider s9 if i could get it to that level.  s10
might run on my u1e if i pull some tricks, but it won't install out of
the box - and there's still the patch problem.

" On 10/24/10 17:09, Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > " From: hike<mh1272 at gmail.com>
" > "
" > " check the oracle site--someone said that hobbyist licenses were the same as
" > " with sun.
" >
" > the big difference is that oracle has completely cut access to patches
" > for hobbyists without money.  you can't even get java updates, which
" > are still free for windows and linux.
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