[rescue] Talking of SGI...

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed Oct 20 01:49:33 CDT 2010

Mike Tuffs wrote:
> I have a SGI LCD monitor, a AM173Y01, which has an external PSU (got) and apparently requires a funky (and expensive) adaptor to use with a non-SGI machine. (not got). 

What you have is much better known as the 1600SW - one of the earliest 
high-quality LCD displays. It's a very nice 1600x1024 display with a 
still-excellent 0.23mm dot pitch. The connector is OpenLDI, which lost 
out to DVI for various reasons. SGI offered a MultiLink Adapter (MLA) 
which can be, as you noted, expensive.

There is an alternative available from Niktec and designed by members of 
the 1600SW design team, the GFX-1600SW, which draws power from a PCI 
slot but only translates signals between OpenLDI and DVI. Cost is $175 
if you go direct to their web site.

Niktec GFX-1600SW product page is here 
Niktec offers a number of parts to keep these displays running, too, 
like replacement CCFL tubes.

SGI's FAQ for the 1600SW is here 

Best of luck,

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