[rescue] SGI goodies anyone? - Power consumption..

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Oct 18 23:57:08 CDT 2010

Christopher Purdy wrote ...
> In my case - I wound up with 3 Origin 300's, the associated 
> router, etc....
> If I run all three units and the router it should draw 
> approx. 1500-1600W.
> Which should be fine on a 20A line (20A*100V=2000W - being 
> conservative))...
> As to cost -- Running 1600W for 24h per day for 30 days = 
> 1152KWh... For my locality electricity is $.070923 for the 
> first 600KWh and $.130992 after that... so it would cost 
> ($42.55+$72.31)= $ 114.86 per month.
> [etc.]

Since our house is all-electric, I just used the Challenge L as a furnace;
eight months of the year it was a straight swap for regular electric heat,
money-wise.  The other four months, well, we don't budget that closely....


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