[rescue] SGI goodies anyone?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat Oct 16 08:33:33 CDT 2010

On Friday, October 15, 2010, pete wrote:
> My point about this was really that those that "would love a Onyx2"
> might think about if they could actually run one. Lots of people in
> this list don't have the facilities, money, or experience to run
> something drawing that much current. Its not like many other
> deskside servers. It draws a ton of power. The deskside form factor
> is deceiving. I just wanted to warn people before they burned their
> parents house down with some free computer they got off the rescue
> list.

1) 120V, 20A ISN'T a ton of power. Maybe compared to a laptop, but you 
can find 120V, 20A (and higher power outlets) in most homes.

2) Why is it necessary that you run a machine 24x7 if you get it?

3) One thing that really grates on me in this society is everyone that 
goes around pooh-poohing idea because "oh no that's out of the 
ordinary!" or "most peoble aren't skilled at that, so obviously you 
shouldn't try or aren't skilled!"

> So because you know some of the people that 
> asked you don't think its worth mentioning that you can't just go 
> plugging in a Onyx into the socket in Aunt Betty's pantry ?

Who in their right mind would try to run anything bigger than a desktop 
in a closet, and who would run it in a pantry?  Besides, most closets 
don't have outlets. :)

> The rescue list is far from cctech. 

This is just a dumb statement.

> Lot of people on here would have no idea and if a shiny Onyx 
> showed up in their town for free they might just try.

What's wrong with trying new things that you're not experienced with? 
That's called _learning_.

I've learned huge amounts of stuff by reading books, asking people on 
mailing lists, and just trying things.

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