[rescue] SGI goodies anyone?

pete leaknoil at charter.net
Fri Oct 15 22:21:29 CDT 2010

  I don't know about you but, my wife isn't so keen on me unplugging the 
fridge to fire up an Onyx2.  I could maybe get away with the dryer in 
the garage for a few minutes but, what is the point ? If you intend to 
actually use these things you need a dedicated line. That takes skill or 

My point about this was really that those that "would love a Onyx2" 
might think about if they could actually run one. Lots of people in this 
list don't have the facilities, money, or experience to run something 
drawing that much current. Its not like many other deskside servers. It 
draws a ton of power. The deskside form factor is deceiving. I just 
wanted to warn people before they burned their parents house down with 
some free computer they got off the rescue list.

On 10/15/2010 8:01 PM, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> FWIW, for the past few decades, it has been a code requirement per the
> US National Electric Code to have two 20A, 120V circuits in a kitchen,
> and a 20A, 120V circuit for a clothes washer.  Most people also have a
> 30A, 240V dryer outlet.

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