[rescue] SGI goodies anyone?

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Fri Oct 15 19:49:31 CDT 2010

On Fri, 15 Oct 2010, Robert Darlington wrote:

> Don't make adapter cables to go from 20A plugs to 15A plugs or swap 
> out the plug unless you know for sure what you're doing and that you 
> know FOR SURE you're at 15A or less.  Circuit breakers only go so far 
> in protecting people.


Little to big is fine.
Big to litte, you need some sort of distribution board / fuse / MCB.

Circuit breakers, fuses, etc, are ther to stop your place from burning 
down. They are not there to stop you from killing yourself and / or 

ELCBs / RCBOs / RCD / whatever we're calling them nows, they might stop 
you from !instant death! but I'd rather you touched that wire and not 

And me, my house has a 100A fuse from the electric company, 100A RCB 
isolator, half the house is fed from an RCD. And here in blighty, we get 
230 -10% +6% (otherwise known as 240V) through the wire.

All very weird thsi stuff coming up on the list considering I seem to 
have been talking about electrickery all week on various lists, in the 
pub and at the factory.

I have coveted a friend's place, which used to be a printing shop. He 
has a 3 phase board in his basement. Mmmmm.... 3 phase.

Steven Hill

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