[rescue] FW: Voyager framebuffer?

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Fri Oct 15 12:49:11 CDT 2010

Actually, that's what I found when I finally opened the device (not too hard
if you have the Service Manual, which can be found online in PDF).  The
machine has a color framebuffer but a monochrome screen.  I'm amazed it worked
at all, but it seems even stranger that OpenBoot seems to have created a new
name to describe it!

Sooooo, does anyone out there have either a monochrome framebuffer (for which
I would gladly trade the color one) or a color screen?  -- Ian
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> Maybe they used a color board but a monochrome screen.

I think the Voyager displays are too tightly integrated for that to be

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