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>>> 877 is a toll-free area code in the North American Numbering Plan.
>> I knew that, but is it US only or US and Canada?
> The NANP applies to the United States, Canada, and a dozen or so
> countries in the Caribbean [...].

Yes, but Geoff's "it" was apparently the 877 number itself, not the
NANP, as the following text makes fairly clear:

>> It also can not be called from outside of the country in most
>> places.

Just to keep things interesting, though, toll-free numbers can indeed
be geographically restricted even for intra-NANP calls.  USA-only and
Canada-only are at least moderately common, and I've even seen them
restricted more finely than that - at least as fine-grained as the
province in Canada, from which I infer the state in the USA is also
possible.  Maybe as fine-grained as calling area code, or perhaps even
exchange; I don't know.  But, for example, when I worked at McGill, our
phone system had a feature that if you dialed an 800 number as if it
were area code 700 instead (this was before 888 and 877 and the like),
then it would be billed to the user as a call to a nearby New York
community, where the call would then be placed from, to support calls
to USA-only 800 numbers.

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